Imagining New Futures
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We help build life-affirming and socially just organizations through our work in facilitation, training, and consulting. Our practice is rooted in the wisdom of living systems.
We help build life-affirming organizations characterized by collaborative leadership and systems intelligence.

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We foster socially just organizations that honor self-determination, community, and collective healing.

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Intelligence of Living Systems
Life has over four billion years of experience with solving complex problems and building highly efficient organizations. Every tree in the forest and ant colony in the soil can teach us so much about our own businesses and institutions. Our work is deeply rooted in indigenous knowledge and Western science of living systems, because we see so many lessons that we can learn from the living world about diversity and equity, collective leadership, and effective decision-making.
The work we do meets clients where they are. We treat them as engaged partners on the journey of learning.

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Training workshops are our most popular service. Our workshops are fun, engaging, and promote deep learning.

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“Our division was looking for a trainer to help facilitate a productive workshop on race, power, and privilege and Daniel was a great fit for our needs. He helped lead a discussion that was safe and inclusive while still challenging our team to examine how personal experiences can impact our work. He was a thoughtful and collaborative facilitator.”

– May Yu, Neighborhood Planning Director
NYC Department of Small Business Services